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Capacity: up to 1kg daily

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Transform your food leftovers into organic, natural compost.

Minimize harmful methane emissions resulting from food waste disposal.

Sustainably manage up to 1 kg of food waste each day.

Why choose Reencle?

"A complete hit, a small and beautifully designed device, it looks like a coffee machine or something fancy, and it saves us from kitchen waste and bio-waste, which we had to put in brown bags. Silent, easy to use, and a great help in the household! For every recommendation!"
"I have a Rinklić at home and it works like a charm. It surprisingly quickly processes all the leftovers from food and there are no more unpleasant smells! I recommend it to everyone who cooks at home, especially if they have a garden!"
"It's too good! Easy to install and use, even kids use it.. No more half-decomposed brown bags on which insects hang out.. No more daily trips to the bio-waste bin.. My life has become easier, I recommend it!"

In Croatia, about 286 thousand tons of food is discarded every year*

Technology that turns food waste into nutrient-rich compost


  • Ideal for homes, apartments, and offices.

    Reencle is an electric composter designed to seamlessly integrate into contemporary urban living,
    offering an easy, effective, and eco-friendly way to minimize and repurpose food scraps. Capacity of 1 kg per day.

  • Odor-free and mess-free.

    Maintains kitchen cleanliness and hygiene.

  • Free from insects, worms, and rodents.

    Eliminates odors that attract pests, providing an elegant pest control solution.

  • Food waste reduction up to 90%.

    Converts 1 kg of food waste into 100 g of organic compost.

  • Transformation of cooked and raw food into organic compost.

    Operates with microorganisms capable of handling spicy and acidic foods.

  • Exceptionally quiet and energy-efficient.

    Does not disrupt sleep, consuming less than 1.25 kWh per day.

  • Simple to install and operate.

    No plumbing required. Equipped with a motion sensor for easy waste disposal.

Patented microorganism technology

Discover ReencleMicrobe™ - a special breed of microorganisms capable of swiftly decomposing food waste.

  • Without posing any risk to human health.
  • Without posing any risk to the environment.
  • They continually break down food scraps, even in high salt conditions. They thrive in acidic environments and other challenging conditions.
  • They are self-sustaining, eliminating the need for additional purchases.

Frequently asked questions

  • What prerequisites must be met for the device installation?

    To start the device, a standard power outlet (single-phase) is required. Add microorganisms (which come with the device) and water (1.5 – 1.8L) to the device. The activation period for the microorganisms is 24 hours, after which they are ready to process food waste.

  • What kind of waste can be put into the device and what results from the processing?

    Acceptable food waste: Reencle can break down food that humans and animals can digest – fruits, vegetables, cooked and baked meat and fish, pasta, cereals, cakes, crackers, bread, boiled eggs.

    Food waste rich in fiber may cause slow degradation, so it is recommended to cut them into smaller pieces before placing them in the device – pizza crust, watermelon rind, banana peel, radishes, cabbage, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, corn. Do not put anything hard and inedible by humans into the device. Such types of food waste can cause damage to Reencle – bones, seafood (shells, crabs, lobster), pits (peach, avocado), nutshells, whole root vegetables, oil, medications, cigarettes, wooden utensils, paper, tape, plastic, rubber, metal, glass.
    After processing, a nutrient-rich substrate is obtained which can be used to fertilize your plants (composting) or discarded with household waste (biodegradable or mixed municipal waste).

  • Processing time?

    The processing time is approximately 24 hours, depending on the type of waste inserted. The device works continuously, and you can add food waste as needed throughout the day – opening the device lid will not interrupt the decomposition cycle.

  • How can I use the resulting substrate as compost?

    Mix the substrate from the device with soil in a 4 (soil) : 1 (substrate) ratio and let it sit for three to five days before composting your plants.

  • Is it normal for condensation to appear on the walls of the device?

    Yes. The internal temperature of the product is set to be maintained at 50°C to 60°C, which is suitable for the growth of microorganisms. During the device installation (initial water addition) and during the further operation of the device, condensation may occur on the lid and inner walls due to the difference between the internal and external temperature. Condensation is a natural phenomenon and does not represent a problem.

  • Is the development of mold inside the device considered normal?

    Yes. Mold can often be found on the substrate, inner side walls, and mixer. Use the spatula provided with the device to mix the mold with the substrate, and it will decompose within a few hours.

  • Why does the substrate accumulate in the corners and on the walls of the container?

    Since the mixer in the device rotates near its center, the substrate can accumulate and settle in the corners and on the walls of the device. Scrape the substrate with a spatula and mix it with the mixture before adding food for optimal results.

  • If I am away from home for several days, do I need to take any special measures?

    If you are away from home for more than 7 days, do not put food inside 2 days before departure and completely decompose remaining products before leaving. On the day of departure, turn off the product and unplug the power cable. If you are away from home for less than 7 days, use Reencle as usual. On the day of departure, check that the substrate is not dry. If you need to reactivate the microorganisms, add 500 ml of water and leave it for 4-6 hours before starting use.

  • Can the microorganisms die if no food is put in?

    No. Reencle's microorganisms will temporarily enter a spore state (sleep state) in case of cessation of food input and will not die. If you notice that their condition is worsening, that is, they are no longer adequately breaking down food, contact us for further instructions.

  • Do I need to frequently purchase/replenish microorganisms?

    No, the microorganisms renew themselves and there is no need for additional purchase. To ensure optimal conditions for their sustainability, when removing substrate from the device, care should be taken not to remove too much – that is, the substrate must reach the marked minimum level on the device.

  • What to do if an unpleasant smell is coming from the device?

    f you notice a yeast-like smell coming from the device, it is best to add citrus fruits (e.g. grapefruit, orange, lemon) to neutralize the odor. In case of a sour unpleasant smell, refrain from adding acidic food (fruit peels, fruit pulp, etc.) for a while. Using the drying option during the day and adding ground coffee along with food scraps helps in neutralizing unpleasant odors. If you have been using
    the device for more than a year, it may be necessary to replace the filter.

  • Can I put frozen food in the device?

    No. Frozen food needs to be thawed before placing it in Reencle. Frozen food causes a change in the optimal temperature, making the microorganisms enter a spore state (dormant state), resulting in the cessation of adequate decomposition within the device. Additionally, the hardness of frozen food can cause damage to the mixer.

  • Since the device contains a mechanical mixer, can there be any injuries during use?

    No. For safety reasons, the mixer operates only when the lids are closed.

  • Why is the device noisy?

    Periodic sounds similar to vibrations can occur if the substrate inside the device is too dry. It is necessary to add water or watery fruits and vegetables (watermelon, cucumber, etc.) for the device to continue operating quietly.

Technology that turns food waste into nutrient-rich compost

Reencle Prime - electric composter

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